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Let's get to know more about your hair.

Effective hair removal starts with knowledge of the hair. How it grows, its tendencies and particularities. As each and everyone's hair is different it is important to understand how one's hair works.

MediLight Laser and aesthetic Center has specialists who know everything about your hair struggles and knows exactly how to identify your problem, this leading to even better results.

In this article, we help you get the opportunity to not only understand what process your hair goes trough, but also its specifics and particularities.

The hair follicles are dynamic structures in the measure in which they function in a periodic cycle. While they're active, the period is called an anágena phase, during in which the production ( synthesis ) of proteins takes place. They spend another short period of transition called a catágena phase, finally to come to a state of rest called a telógena, during in which their metabolic activity is minimal.

Depending on the corporal location, follicular density (numbers of hair in an area unit) and the percentage of hair in each phase, hair follicles behave differently. They are not synchronised throughout the body, with different duration time for every cycle or phase.

How does photo-depilation (laser depilation) works ?

The photo depilation is the elimination of hair follicles by means of sources of coherent light (laser) or not coherent light (IPLS). The aim is to eliminate the parts responsible for the growth of the hair follicle, which are the dermal papila and the protuberance, which contains multi potential cells with the capacity of stimulation of the capillary growth.

The action mechanism more frequently used in depilation with the use of light is the Fototermólisis Selective. This consists the selective destruction of the hair follicle, respecting to a maximum its adjacent structures: the epidermis and the dermis.

One theory makes clear that emitted light is absorbed by the melanin of the hair follicle, which transports the caloric energy to the hair stem and destroys it. This is one of the reasons why changes can exist in the coloration of the skin, as a side-effect in this type of treatments.

In addition, there exist other theories like the Fototermólisis Selective's Extended Theory, that goes beyond and showcases a few times of thermal damage to the structures of the hair follicle.

Now that you understand more how your hair functions and how the lasering process works, you can get in touch with us to schedule an appointment and get on with your hair free journey.

If you have any further questions, be sure to let us know and we will answer as fast as we can.

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