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During our life we are exposed to many hormonal changes, during these periods there is a redistribution of body fat in different areas, which generates localized adiposities. A frequent place of accumulation is the Mount of Venus.

The Mount of Venus is a fat pad that rests on the anterior woman's bony pelvis.

Why does accumulation occur in that area?

The hormonal changes that a woman goes through produce alterations in the collagen and supporting tissue. Just as the change in the structure of the face and body is notorious, the same happens in the vaginal lips and on the Mount of Venus. The labia minora stretch and enlarge, and the labia majora lose their volume and filling, modifying their turgor and shape. On the Mount of Venus is concentrated more fat, producing a "bulk" that bothers many women to wear tight clothing (shoes, bikini, or tight pants) as well as when doing a sport or having a sexual relationship.

Through the laser liposculpture remodeling of the area is achieved. The results after extracting the excess fat and shaping the area are durable. Only in some cases where patients gain a lot of weight do they tend to accumulate fat again in the area.

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