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This procedure augments the size of the G spot in order to enhance stimulation during sex.

The G-SHOT or G-Spot Amplification (GSA), is a treatment that augments the G-Spot temporarily, named G-spot in reference to Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg, the first to testify of an "erogenous zone" on the vaginal wall. 

G-spot augmentation is achieved by the injection of hyaluronic acid as a filler. The aim is to double the G-spot size to achieve adequate and intensified stimulation during sex.

This procedure allows an improved sensation on the G-Spot, creating a more  fulfilling experience, allowing women to experience greater sexual arousal, as well as more intense and deep orgasms.

Women find that after G-spot enhancement, they are more aware of their G-spot. For women who were already in tune with their G-spot, they remark it as more sensitive, achieving fulfilling intense orgasms ease and more frequently.

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